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г. Суздаль :. Суздаль - старинный русский город, история которого насчитывает не одно столетие, расположен в 250 км от Москвы во Владимирской области, входит в Золотое кольцо России и считается его главной жемчужиной. Суздаль, один из древнейших русских городов, впервые упоминанается в летописи 1024 года, а его земли в конце XI века были уделом Владимира Мономаха.

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гостиница SCANDIC 3* first Местонахождение: Окраина Адрес: LUPPOKEINO I, LUOSTO 99555, FINLAND, Телефон: 358-16-624400, Факс: 358-16-624410 Количество комнат: 125 Скидки детям: с 2 по 12 лет. Баров: 1 Описание: Расположение COUNTRYSIDE 120 km to the nearest airport: RVN 130 km to the nearest station: STATION Дополнительная информация LOCATION 130 kilometres north of Rovaniemi, this mountain hotel is situated very near to the Luosto Mountain. Stunning scenery surrounds the hotel.The main road North and South runs by the hotel. ROOMS All rooms are log cabins. They all have their own fire place, kitchen and sauna. All rooms are large in size and in good condition. Bathrooms are in good condition. RESTAURANT The 2 restaurants offer local delicacies as well as international cuisine. The wooden restaurants are cosy, romantic, and full of character. EXTERIOR A long thin wooden building, typical of properties in the area. Surrounded by tall pine trees, this is a truly tranquil setting. LOBBY Small, cosy and inviting the lobby is in the middle of the building. GENERAL This hotel is a perfect base for adventurous souls wishing to seek nature during the summer time and take part in some diverse sports during the winter. This typically Lappish hotel is welcoming and relaxing.

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